by Honest Joe / Images by Chris Preyser / 15.08.2014

South Africa’s Oppikoppi music festival is a river running through the bushveld, swirling in a circle. In the river are souls, each topped by a pair of eyes marvelling at the sights as they flow by. And always, there is music.

Advice from a motorcycle on life, and love

It’s because I was depressed to begin with.

The drive there took me on a road I’d never been. Usually that makes me happy but I had no fizz in the blood. I wanted to go home. I was dreading the long and lonely weekend.

‘I should be happy, but I’m not,’ I said to Richard Parker, my motorcycle.

‘You seldom are,’ he grunted.

Richard and I were on our way to The Blue Hippo. I’d heard lots about it, mostly from she who I wished was with me. She had been…

The search for Mr Yamamoto, a man I was imagining

I travelled to the city of Tokyo on assignment. My goal was to meet Mr Yamamoto, a man I was imagining.

My novel takes place in a seaside town, you see, and my hero is a simple fisherman. I had decided that my villain, Mr Yamamoto, would be the greatest fisherman that ever lived, a hunter of the sea. So it was research that led me to Tokyo and the Tsukiji Fish Market, the greatest, they say, in all the world.

And so I winged my way across the planet.


In August I travelled to Europe for the first time, and hitchhiked from Munich to Berlin. This is my journey, lift by lift…

Lift 1 — Benedikt is 19. He joined me on the road as he was hitching to Leipzig to see his girlfriend. He’s an interesting guy.

As we drove through small country towns just outside of Munich to avoid a big traffic jam on the highway, he told me that he went to a school that runs for 13 years instead of 12, and allows the students to pretty much do what they want, which means they…

Honest Joe’s Travels

Word from the street.

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